Monday, April 6, 2009

Swimming- the most demanding sport?

It can easily be argued that swimming is the hardest sport. Some of these reasons reveal why it is so demanding: the lack of oxygen the athlete has because his/her face is constantly in the water, how every part of the body is used during an event, and the energy needed to perform well (let alone a minimal 4 hours of swim training a day). While I believe swimming is indeed a demanding sport, I also know that other sports can be equally or possibly even more demanding. Wrestling, Cross Country, and Cliff Diving are among few of the sports that come to mind. What sport do you think is the most demanding?


  1. Totally agree that swimming is the best sport and demanding.

  2. Calling it the most demanding is debatable, but swimming is indeed very demanding. The sheer amount of muscle being used at every moment along with the technical skill make it an exceptional sport. Check out some more Activities for Exercise