Friday, April 17, 2009

Keeping in Swim-Shape on Vacation

We all need a break from our busy lives at some point. A trip to the beach or ski resort may be great for recovery; mentally and physically. Beware however, that getting out of shape is a common downside of taking vacations. Here are some steps to keeping your figure (and six pack) while on vacation:

  1. Drink Water- plenty of it! When you're not visiting the happy hour lounge you should be consuming H20 instead of high calorie beverages. Water doesn't have the added carbs and is great at keeping your metabolism boosted. It its chilled your body will burn an additional 60-70 calories that day in order to keep your body temperature where it needs to be. Drink water and your midsection will thank you later.

  2. Do sit ups, push ups, and body squats- if you are staying in a hotel or a guest bedroom, these exercises are excellent in keeping your muscles strong. Sit ups, push ups, and body squats are convenient because all you need is some clear space. They can be done anywhere, the beach or even in the depths of the amazon in a hut.

  3. Don't Super size it- Just because it is vacation time doesn't mean you should be overindulging every-single-meal. While going back for seconds is alright every now and them, stock to one portion of an evenly balanced meal.

Have fun on your vacation, remember to bring sunscreen and don't come home with fat as your souvenir.

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  1. Do you think the bottled water with vitamins are worth the cost? I always debate on whether to pay for water or not.